About Us

My names is Kumar and I have 8 years experience related to Technology Platform. I have a strong interest regarding technology background information, which has helped us to start this kind of blog.

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About this Blog

I had thought about starting a technology related blog since years, but I had difficulty deciding on the niche to write. One day me and my friend were discussing about latest technology updates and how it will going to change face of the future generation, same time I decided to start a technical blog where I would share my knowledge on technology updates to all.

On March 7, 2019 I took the plunge into blogging by creating Web Tech Mantra. I started writing different kind articles which most useful now a days and I would like to land all newly invented technology updates into the website.

Why Web Tech Mantra?

I created this site to help many technically interested people out there and to give complete technological updates through our easy understandable posts. Our posts contain step-by-step explanation to understand easily.

Through Web tech Mantra I have discussed topics such as latest technology, networking, digital cameras, blogger, digital marketing and Google updates. Every time I use to search for easy to understand contents, finally I started it on our own which can give easy accessible technology update platform. Here I will write posts, so others can find the information quickly.

I hope you all enjoy Web Tech Mantra platform.